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Make Your Day Easier & Your Meals Simpler Pound-by-Pound

Not All Beef is Created Equal

Maid Rite's premium quality ready-to-cook ground beef bricks are the star ingredient for endless recipes. Tacos, chili, meatloaf, pizza topping, beef gravy or the juiciest burger ever are just a few of the meals-made-easy that our 1 lb beef bars create every day.


Time is Money

Our 1 lb. beef bars make meal prep simpler, cleaner and faster. The average 10 lb. beef chub takes days to thaw and utilize, while our 1 lb. bars can be cooked from frozen immediately. Why thaw 10 lbs. of beef when your recipe only calls for 8 lbs.? Our bars are formed in 1 lb. segments so you only use what you need, when you need it. 

Features and Benefits

Less Waste

One pound segments make it easy to customize servings and recipes requirements.

Save Time

Cook from frozen immediately or thaw in hours - not days.

Easy to use

No more raw beef mess - use from frozen.

I want to try this in my kitchen! 

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