Allow Maid-Rite Specialty Foods to increase the efficiency of your kitchen while reducing food costs at the same time. Our commissary-proven lines of portioned and frozen meats are easy to prepare, taste great and deliver a value that your customers will love. They are perfect as ingredients in your recipes or as center-of-the-plate proteins for high volume operations.

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Schools & Health Care

Finding the perfect balance between great taste, nutritional requirements, and price per serving is a daunting task.  


Maid-Rite offers a large selection of easy-to-prepare, school and “health care appropriate” products including gluten free, low sodium, and trans-fat free options that make planning and executing your menus a lot easier.

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Grocery Stores

Millions of people crave the flavor and love the value of our retail packaged meatballs, sandwich steaks and hamburgers. Our exclusive assortment of raw and fully cooked beef, veal, pork, turkey and chicken products use chef-inspired recipes that everyone enjoys eating.   

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Our unwavering commitment to product consistency, dependable delivery and consumer value make Maid-Rite your source for superior frozen meat products.  We have perfected the craft of producing highly customized, center-of-the-plate proteins that are easy to prepare and affordable without sacrificing taste or quality. 


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