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The Rite Choice For

Grocery Stores

USDA Quality Crafted Proteins

  • Burgers

  • Meatballs

  • Breakfast Sausages

  • Philly Steaks

  • Sausages

Maid-Rite produces a remarkable selection of frozen and perfectly portioned, beef, turkey, pork, and chicken products that are a quality choice for retail consumers.

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Soy & Gluten Free

Low Sodium 

Clean Label & Organic Options



Maid Rite Burger Box.png

Millions of people crave the flavor and love the value of our retail packaged meatballs, sandwich steaks, and hamburgers.


Our exclusive assortment of raw and fully cooked beef, veal, pork, turkey and chicken products use chef-inspired recipes that everyone enjoys eating.   

If you would like more information on our retail branded products or to discuss private label opportunities for your store, contact us today!


Become a Maid-Rite Customer

Contact us today for more information on any of our product specifications.  Better yet request a sample to see firsthand why Maid-Rite is known as The Chosen Frozen®.

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