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Our Story

Over 60 years ago our family started a meat company to better serve the rapidly changing needs of the foodservice industry. We closely collaborated with our customers to make delicious, frozen meat products that were both easy to prepare and loved by everyone who tasted them.  We quickly became experts in hitting the mark on flavor profile, appearance, size, shape, nutritional value, and cost per serving.

Our prized recipes, unique flavors, and perfect portion sizes gave our customers a distinct competitive advantage. In turn, this helped Maid-Rite Specialty Foods become one of the largest independent producers of USDA inspected frozen meats in the United States.

We currently operate multiple, ultra-modern raw and fully cooked processing facilities to satisfy annual demand that exceeds 300 million portions. In addition to a broad line of beef, veal, pork, turkey, and chicken products marketed under the Maid-Rite®, Chef Italia® and Steak-It-Easy® brands, we produce millions of pounds of custom-recipe, private label products for many of the world’s most recognizable restaurant, grocery and foodservice companies.


The next time you sit down for a great meal ask yourself, “I wonder if this is a Maid-Rite product?”


Maid-Rite's 60th Diamond Anniversary

Over 60 years ago, Maid-Rite Specialty Foods was founded in Scranton, a town best known for coal mining. The company operated out of a modest 3,000 square-foot facility that consisted of a small freezer, cooler, and processing area. Maid-Rite’s founder, Don Bernstein, with a staff of two not only headed up the operation, but he also sold products and delivered them in the firm’s only refrigerated truck.

Driven by the dedication of one man, the company that was literally built on top of 7 coal mining tunnels, would become a diamond that shines brightly in the foodservice industry today.


As we celebrate our Diamond Anniversary year, we recognize Don in a special way for his leadership, vision, and commitment to the generations of employees and millions of customers who are the true reasons for Maid-Rite’s success.

Maid-Rite's Early Beginnings

Growing a successful meat company is a lot of work. Especially when you do it the way we did... one customer at a time. From our early beginnings with modest facilities and limited staff, we have become one of the largest independent producers of portioned frozen meats. We owe this to thousands of our loyal customers and dedicated employees who have grown with us over the last seven decades.

The Rite Choice for Many Reasons

Maid-Rite has perfected the craft of producing highly customized, center-of-the-plate proteins that are enjoyable to eat, easy to prepare, and affordable. If you  are searching for a medium to large-scale production partner that delivers a consistently superior product, amazing value, and industry-best fill rates, we invite you to take a closer look at why we are known as The Chosen Frozen® 

Delivering Value

We believe that value is much more than just a good price for a great product. Value is a guiding principle within our company. Our business partnerships are based on honesty, respect, open communication, unwavering product consistency and dependable delivery.

By operating multiple, ultra-efficient facilities with daily production capacities that exceed 1 million portions, we are also able to quote you a price that will bring a smile to your face and improve your bottom line.

Nationwide Delivery as well as Canada

We Deliver

Our multiple manufacturing, warehouse and distribution facilities are strategically located in northeastern Pennsylvania. Within 300 miles of our headquarters, we serve a population that exceeds 50 million people.


Our ability to deliver helps reduce customer transportation expenses while maintaining impressive fill rates and delivery flexibility.


Through the use of LTL carriers and 3rd party logistics we cover the remainder of the United States and Canada.   

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What People Are Saying


K-12 Culinary Connection

The students have loved the clean-label burger from Maid-Rite! Paired with shoestring French Fries and an amazing salad bar, this was one delicious meal!

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Edward Noe, VP of Marketing, Colony Foods

It was amazing just how much the Maid-Rite product was head and shoulders above everyone else! Customers swear by it!


Gene Philbin, Co-Owner,

Peculiar Slurp Shop

These center-of-the-plate proteins are extremely versatile, super easy to prepare and they taste amazing!

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