Our Story

Nearly 60 years ago our family started a meat company to better serve the rapidly changing needs of the foodservice industry. We closely collaborated with our customers to make delicious, frozen meat products that were both easy to prepare and loved by everyone who tasted them.  We quickly became experts in hitting the mark on flavor profile, appearance, size, shape, nutritional value and cost per serving.

Our prized recipes, unique flavors and perfect portion sizes gave our customers a distinct competitive advantage. In turn, this helped Maid-Rite Specialty Foods become one of the largest independent producers of USDA frozen meats in the United States.

We currently operate multiple, ultra-modern raw and fully cooked processing facilities to satisfy annual demand that exceeds 300 million portions. In addition to a broad line of beef, veal, pork, turkey, and chicken products marketed under the Maid-Rite®, Chef Italia® and Steak-It-Easy® brands, we produce millions of pounds of custom-recipe, private label products for many of the world’s most recognizable restaurant, grocery and foodservice companies.


The next time you sit down for a great meal ask yourself, “I wonder if this is a Maid-Rite product?”

Nationwide Delivery as well as Canada
Private lable meat company

We Deliver

Our multiple manufacturing, warehouse and distribution facilities are strategically located in northeastern Pennsylvania. Within 300 miles of our headquarters, we serve a population that exceeds 50 million people.


Our ability to deliver helps reduce customer transportation expenses while maintaining impressive fill rates and delivery flexibility.


Through the use of LTL carriers and 3rd party logistics we cover the remainder of the United States and Canada.