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The Rite Choice for Philly Steaks

Great for wraps, stir fry, salads, pitas, paninis and more!


A Philly Favorite

No matter how you season it, cook it, chop it, or serve it, there’s nothing like the genuine flavor of a Philly Steak and there is no better place to get it than Maid-Rite. Our large selection of premium and affordable beef and chicken steaks is unrivaled in the industry.

  • Philly’s favorites: Beef, chicken

  • Quality cuts of beef: USDA Choice, sirloin tip, porterhouse loin tail, rib-cap lifter

  • Premium chicken: 100% all-white, lean breast meat

  • Chef’s choice: Whole muscle, chunk muscle, chopped beef slices

The Rite Flavor 

Everyone has an opinion about what the perfect Philly steak should taste like. Some like marinated steaks, others prefer lightly seasoned, while many believe there is nothing better than a thin slice of pure, high-quality beef.  We offer options for every taste and budget!

Features and Benefits


Steak Slices



Value Flat

Sandwich Slices

The Rite Size for Everything

In addition to the perfect sandwich, our Philly Steaks are used in hundreds of entrées, appetizers, salads, pizzas and even breakfast dishes like the Philly omelet. To satisfy various portion and menu requirements, we offer multiple steak sizes and case weights.

Portions: 2 to 5 ounces

Case Weights: 10-10.5 pounds​

Pack Size: 40 to 80 individual steaks

Bulk: 5-pound blocks


Beef & Chicken




that Satisfy



Beef Slices bowl.jpg

Looking For More?

For more information about our Philly Steaks download our product info sheet.

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Request Product Specifications / Nutritional Analysis

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