Herb Garlic Blend

The Secret Ingredient That Makes Every Dish Taste Better

Chef Italia's Herb Garlic Blend is the starting and finishing point of thousands of great meals. Whether you're Sautéing, Grilling, Flavoring or Dipping our Herb Garlic Blend will elevate your dish without elevating the time in preparation. 

Aside from the loved versatility of this product, the Herb Garlic Blend offers a vast array of features that simply make it a must have ingredient in kitchens large and small.​

All Natural, Trans Fat Free, Dairy Free - Vegan

Features and Benefits

Add signature flavor to your dishes
Add sizzle to your
menu items
Easy to use
Natural fresh 
Long shelf life
Better than
compound butter

What Are People Saying About the Herb Garlic Blend?

I want to try this in my kitchen! 

Love it! How much will it cost me?

I'm intrigued... but I've got questions.

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