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The Rite Choice For

Commissary Menus

USDA Quality Crafted Proteins

  • Burgers

  • Meatballs

  • Breakfast Sausages

  • Philly Steaks

  • Sausages

Maid-Rite produces a remarkable selection of frozen and perfectly portioned, beef, turkey, pork, and chicken products that are uniquely crafted to satisfy large-scale menu planning.

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Soy & Gluten Free

Low Sodium 

Clean Label & Organic Options




Allow Maid-Rite Specialty Foods to increase the efficiency of your kitchen while reducing food costs at the same time. Our commissary-proven lines of portioned and frozen meats are easy to prepare, taste great and deliver a value that your customers will love.


They are perfect as ingredients in your recipes or as center-of-the-plate proteins for high-volume operations.

Let's start a conversation today and find out how Maid-Rite can improve your bottom line.


Become a Maid-Rite Customer

Contact us today for more information on any of our product specifications.  Better yet request a sample to see firsthand why Maid-Rite is known as The Chosen Frozen®.

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