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Chicken Wings

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The Perfect Wings

Our fully cooked chicken wings come in a variety of flavor profiles sure to please the palates of wing lovers everywhere! 

  • Just the right size for a flavor-packed appetizer

  • Make a meal out of our wings or tenders paired with any side dish

  • Fully cooked, ready to heat wing make prep fast and easy

  • Big Manny's authentic recipes

The Rite Nutrition 

Chicken is a wonderful source of lean protein and low in carbs. The meat itself has high amounts of vitamins A, E, D, and K, and a wide range of important minerals like iron and calcium. Our chicken wings are a great choice for those wanting a protein on the leaner side.

Zero Grams

of Trans Fat

120 Calories

Per Serving

10 Grams of

Protein Per Serving

Perfect As An Appetizer
or Entrée

The Rite Flavor

Looking for flavor or variety in your menu? We’ve got you covered! With so many flavor profiles available there is sure to be the one (or several) that suit your needs, we offer options that include:

Buffalo Style

Honey BBQ

Jamaican Style Jerk Glazed

Spicy Parmesan Garlic (Coming Soon)

Tamarind Chili Thai Style (Coming Soon)

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Looking For More?

For more information about our chicken wings  download our product info sheet.


The Legend of Big Manny

Big Manny grew up in the late 50’s and early 60’s in the North Beach neighborhood of San Francisco. By the mid 60’s he found himself knee deep in the counter culture beat of San Francisco.


By the time he was 20, Big Manny was well entrenched in a notorious rough and tough motorcycle club (shhh gang) who will remain anonymous. It was there, at the club house, where Manny began developing his recipes.


He and his biker comrades would feast on these homemade wings along with kegs of beer before heading out on their noise makers to enjoy the local emerging rock bands. Manny may appear to be a rough character but he has two deep passions in life, the legendary Grateful Dead and making his delicious wings.

Request Product Specifications / Nutritional Analysis

Click the button below to request Product Specifications / Nutritional Analysis. If you would like information on multiple products, please submit multiple forms. Thank you!

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