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The Rite Products

Maid-Rite offers a remarkable selection of highly customized perfectly portioned and frozen meat products, produced from carefully sourced beef, turkey, chicken, pork, and veal, which are ideal for use in your commercial foodservice operation. We are true innovators in the creation of both raw and ready-to-eat, the center of the plate proteins.


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What People Are Saying


K-12 Culinary Connection

The students have loved the clean-label burger from Maid-Rite! Paired with shoestring French Fries and an amazing salad bar, this was one delicious meal!

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Edward Noe, VP of Marketing, Colony Foods

It was amazing just how much the Maid-Rite product was head and shoulders above everyone else! Customers swear by it!


Gene Philbin, Co-Owner,

Peculiar Slurp Shop

These center-of-the-plate proteins are extremely versatile, super easy to prepare and they taste amazing!

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Contact us today for more information on any of our product specifications.  Better yet request a sample to see firsthand why Maid-Rite is known as The Chosen Frozen®.

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