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The Chosen Frozen

Maid-Rite produces a remarkable selection of frozen and perfectly portioned, beef, turkey, pork, chicken and veal products that are uniquely crafted to satisfy
industry-specific culinary and nutritional needs.

Maid-Rite's Early Beginnings

Growing a successful meat company is a lot of work. Especially when you do it the way we did... one customer at a time. From our early beginnings with modest facilities and limited staff we have become one of the largest independent producers of portioned frozen meats. We owe this to thousands of our loyal customers and dedicated employees who have grown with us over the last seven decades.

The Rite Choice for Many Reasons

Maid-Rite has perfected the craft of producing highly-customized, center-of-the-plate proteins that are enjoyable to eat, easy to prepare and affordable. If you  are searching for a medium to large-scale production partner that delivers a consistently superior product, amazing value and industry-best fill rates, we invite you to take a closer look at why we are known as The Chosen Frozen® 

Delivering Value

We believe that value is much more than just a good price for a great product. Value is a guiding principle within our company. Our business partnerships are based on honesty, respect, open communication, unwavering product consistency and dependable delivery.

By operating multiple, ultra-efficient facilities with daily production capacities that exceed 1 million portions, we are also able to quote you a price that will bring a smile to your face and improve your bottom line.

Maid Rite Hamburger
Maid Rite Chosen Frozen Beef, Chicken, Pork and Turkey